Donald Trump Jr. is back in Montana this week. As I watched Greg Gianforte introduce President Trump's son, I thought to myself: sometimes you can judge someone by their fruit. The Trump family, as the new first family, is something we can all be proud of.

No matter what you say about President Trump, he has raised good healthy men and women. When a child goes bad - shoots people in a movie theater, kills children - we look at the parents. And even though we won't admit it, we think: those parents must have been monsters. People will come on television and say, "No, they were great parents." It could be 100% wrong. They could have been the greatest parents in the world, but you know we all think something was wrong in that home.

So, it may not make sense to honor someone when their kids turn out great, but again, it's the way we humans think.

So Donald Jr. starts to talk. We are all used to political talks, but Donald Jr., like his father, is not your average politic speaker.

He tells the audience, just look at the people who are supporting Gianforte's opponent, Quist. He says when heard "Rosie O'Donnell, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Rachel Maddow" were backing Quist he wondered if Quist who brags about being born in Montana had "ever been to Montana".

Donald Jr. talked about how much money was coming in from California and New York City to stop a  good, honest conservative man from being sent to Congress from Montana. The audience agreed.

Now, I am new to Montana, I have to say it... it seems New Yorker Donald Trump Jr. has more Montana values then Quist who was born here.


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