Well it’s official. I’ve joined the 21st century. I finally made the plunge and got my very first smart phone. What did I get? I’m not sure. I know it’s not an iPhone. It keeps talking about Android stuff so I guess it’s one of those. The main reason I picked it was to do credit cards when I sell books and CD’s at my workshops and seminars and this one does that with a quick set up and a little “gizmo” that plugs into the ear phone jack.


I do have a clear understanding of what apps are so I didn’t feel like a total novice. The phone came with many apps that can be activated or not as needed. I got the full screen type rather than the small flip type models. It’s about the width of a deck of cards and about as tall as a standard music CD. Setting up the credit card swipe app was quick and easy. Actually I have two of them. One from PayPal and another one from a place called Download Square.

Social Media

What good is a smart phone if you can’t use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn on it? So now I can communicate with all my friends and acquaintances on those platforms. I now have unlimited text and calling, so now I will become a total nuisance to all who are unfortunate enough to share their phone number with me. While cooling my heels in airports I can watch movies or TV shows or the latest music. And, with the “RadioPup” app I can listen to AM 1450 KMMS wherever I go.

Camera – Video

I don’t think it’s possible to buy a camera in today’s market that doesn’t at least have a camera. Mine has camera and video with zoom lens. Would you like to see some dog and cat pictures? No? You have no idea what you’re missing. So if you see someone weaving all over the road with the left blinker on that would probably be me. Now I’m wondering why I blew money on a digital camera that can’t make calls. What a waste.

Some Final Thoughts

Being somewhat of a computer junkie I’m a little amazed that it’s taken me this long to join most of my peers. But when you know that I’ve lived in Bozeman for almost 20 years and have not been to Yellowstone Park yet that might give some perspective.

Advancing from the Model T to the Maserati model phone is not without some trepidation. All those people I used to watch, and make fun of in airports, that whip out their phone as soon as they plop down, — are now me. It’s going to be a slow transition to wean myself off of thinking, “Hey dummy, get off your stupid smart phone and get a life.”

If you hear long blocks of silence when I’m on the air it’s probably because I’ve found a new app or some slick option I didn’t realize I had. Just talk amongst yourselves and I’ll be back shortly. I’m getting smarter by the minute.

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