15th Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks Commemorated At World Trade Center Memorial Site
Hillary Clinton left a September 11 Commemoration Ceremony early after feeling overheated and went to her daughter's house to rest. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Health and the presidency. Rumors have been flying all over in the past few weeks about our political candidates health status.

Gary Johnson could come down with the black plague and few news services would bother to take notice due to his anemic 9 percent in the polls.

Could Hillary Cough Her Way Into The White House?

Hillary on the other hand has coughed and fainted her way into the loving arms of her followers.

One thing’s for sure in politics. Being a victim will take you a lot further than being an attacker.

Not saying that Hillary is faking — Far from it.

But she’s not about to let a good crisis go to waste.

And should she falter in the first debate, less than three weeks away, what better reason could she have than recovering from pneumonia?

If she vanquishes her opponent then look how strong? Nothing can stop her — not even pneumonia.

Should Health Be A Presidential Requirement?

Not according to the Constitution.

F.D.R. was paralyzed from polio in the 40s. Of course it was helpful that there were no 24/7 news channels to report his health challenges at that time.

Most of America had no idea what Roosevelt’s health issues were thanks to a protective press.

J.F.K. was afforded the same protection during his administration as he suffered from Addison’s disease. Kennedy was popping so many pills at a Vienna Summit in 1961 Russia thought they could run over him in Cuba and Berlin.

University of Arizona researchers speculate that Ronald Reagan could have had early onset Alzheimer’s at the beginning of his second term due to the changes in his speech patterns.

John Kerry and John McCain also had their health questioned during their presidential campaigns.

How Low Can You Go?

I’ve never seen much use in seeing presidential candidates tax returns.

If the IRS has no problem with his or her returns then what would those returns tell me? They fudged on their actual cash income?

So what? Tax returns don’t show net worth.

But health is another topic entirely.

Thomas Eagleton was removed as George McGovern’s VP running mate due to shock treatments he’d received.

Some Final Thoughts

If we probe too deeply into each candidate’s finances, health, relationships, and criminal record only Dudley Do-Right will be able to pass muster.

While the thought of a president named Do-Right does have a nice ring to it I think I’d like someone a little tougher in there. Warts and all.

What are your thoughts?

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