Although most people don’t like it, and many deny it, it would be tough to make a case that the United States military is not the current world’s police force. Ever since WW II and Korea the US has been the first country to pick up a rifle and head off to far away places with strange sounding names.

In the nineteen-sixties we learned where Vietnam was located with cities like Da Nang, Saigon, and Long Bin on the nightly news. In the 70’s and 80’s it was Grenada, El Salvador, Peru and Somalia. The Contras and the Sudan. The nineties brought us Gulf Wars, One and Two, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We learned all about drones, smart bombs, IED’s, suicide bombers, and all our amazing high tech weaponry.

Why Do They Hate Us?

The US has always been a high value target throughout the world. We are a target because of what we stand for, the influence we generate, and our wealth. There is a lot to hate depending on your culture, religion and ideology. Heaven forbid that our ideas of being all you can be might catch on. Burka or hot pants — decisions, decisions.

Across the globe young people take to the streets to protest their perception of our interference in other nations affairs. Marching proudly, signs held high, in their 501 Levis, iPhones snapping pictures, and Brittney Spears blasting in their headphones. I guess it’s tough to change the world without a few hypocritical indulgences.

If Not The US, Then Who?

The UN has a peacekeeping force. Why can’t they do it? Although, if the UN attacked France I think it would be a toss up as to a winner. Not sure they would last too long in Somalia or Lebanon. China and India would certainly have enough soldiers to outlast almost any enemy on the planet. Send enough soldiers in and most countries would surrender because all the food would be gone.

Switzerland has been neutral since before the great flood what about them? They don’t seem to have an axe to grind with anyone.

Perhaps we need some kind of worldwide resolution, that if you are going to war, that war has to be fought in a specific place. Antarctica is free most of the time. Sounds like a great place to fight it out.

Some Final Thoughts

The world rarely seems to be without conflict someplace. North Korea is rattling its rusty saber again. The Middle East has been a tinderbox for thousands of years. We should be grateful that Canada and Mexico sort of like us. Can you imagine if our northern border was China and our southern border Iran? That would sure make life a bowl of cherries. One thing’s certain. With their border guards I’m thinking American’s would have all the cherry picking jobs.

If we were to end up being “on call” as the world’s policeman I would sure like to get paid for it. I’m a little tired of liberating half the world and 20 years later we end up competing against them in the global market. As Bill Murray said in the movie Caddyshack, “Hey Lama, How about a little something for the effort?”

Maybe being mercenaries is not the ideal way to dispense justice, but after dispatching Saddam Hussein, a couple of barrels in the back of the SUV would have not gone unappreciated. There should be some compensation for all the blood and treasure the US has spent in the past 100 years. So should we put on the badge? Should we give that honor to some other country? Or should we just keep showing up and doing the right thing? What’s your opinion?

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