Montana may be full of a lot of beautiful places, but there are a few places that don't really fit that description. Some towns in Montana are downright dirty. Here's a list of the dirtiest towns in Montana.

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Most of the pictures of Montana shared on social media show snow-capped mountain peaks and clean-flowing rivers. As with most things on social media, you only see the good parts. There are a lot of places in Montana that are rundown and falling apart. In bigger cities like Bozeman, it's all glitz and glamour, but some of Montana's smaller towns are in desperate need of improvement.

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Some small towns in the state flourished during the glory days of the railroad, but have quickly faded since. Those towns may be remnants of Montana's history, but there's no denying that they've become an eyesore. There are some places in Montana that simply put, you don't want to be caught after dark.

Photo by Dylan Hunter on Unsplash
Photo by Dylan Hunter on Unsplash

What are Montana's Dirtiest Cities and Towns?

One city in Montana has experienced a greater fall from grace than most. That city is Butte. At one point, Butte was one of the richest cities in the world and was full of wealthy business owners and socialites. Sadly, the city has gone downhill since its glory days. Pollution from Butte's mining days still plaque the city today.

According to the EPA, in addition to the Berkeley Pit, there are over 10,000 miles of underground mine tunnels in Butte, enough to cross the United States three times, that contain water that was contaminated by contact with exposed minerals when pumps were shut off.

Butte may be one of the dirtiest cities in Montana, but it definitely isn't the only one.

The Ranking of the Dirtiest Towns in Montana

Not So Great: The Ranking of the Dirtiest Cities in Montana

Montana may be a beautiful place, but these cities don't fit that description.

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