Yesterday I dropped off my ballot for the new high school. I voted yes for a variety of reasons. Most of which, in spite of a $140-plus million price tag, I know it will never be as cheap as it is today.

Even though I don’t have any rugrats running around the nest, a lot of people do and their kids deserve a shot at the brass ring just like I did.

Another Month Another Vote

Next month I’m going to be asked to replace our U.S. Representative in yet another vote. It seems our former representative is now head of the Department of the Interior. The Department of the Interior — that would be everything outside.

So on May 25th I’m going to select a new representative. Unlike the recent national election that means little to Montana — this one actually counts for something.

Minuscule as it is, the fourth largest state in the union will have a voice. A single voice but better than no voice. We better make this vote a good one.

How Did We Get In This Mess?

There seems to be a special election someplace in the U.S. almost every month. I thought we were done with all this.

Some senator or representative got caught with their hand in the cookie jar or someone else’s cookie jar. And since these are usually quick elections there isn’t much time for voters to vet the candidates.

Plus, everyone from the Bumble Bee Party to the Glacier Melters Society wants to be on the same ballot.

Some Final Thoughts

Elections have turned into the Roman games only without real blood and lions. Although just as painful psychologically to both voter and candidate.

We should look on the bright side. Think of all the Chinese people we’ll employee with the "I Voted" stickers, yard signs, funny hats, and bumper stickers.

How soon do we vote on the Law & Justice Center again? I’m just getting warmed up.

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