Do you ever get the feeling you’re in everybody’s way? You’re holding up the line in the grocery store?

Not screaming away fast enough when the light turns green? Your cart’s always in the wrong place in the aisle?

What’s The Rush?

Am I really your problem? Could part of it be poor planning on your part? How is it my fault you’re late for work or your appointment?

Is that really the way you want to live your day-to-day life? Heart pumping, palms sweating?

Is It Serious?

In the grand scheme of things how important is where you’re going or what you’re doing?

When I get frustrated with life one of the things I do is try to remember what I was really pissed about this time last year.

Other than the loss of a loved one, or April 15th, I usually can’t remember.

It would have to be a pretty serious situation for it to be elevated to top of mind awareness.

Some Final Thoughts

Some people think the older you get the more impatient you get. I’ve found in my case I’m much more tolerant of stressful situations than I was in my youth.

I do get upset, slam things around, sometimes say words I shouldn’t say, but for the most part I don’t mope around for days or weeks.

If you have a good reason to be rushed then I will do my best not to hinder your progression toward your worthwhile goal or dream.

Do you feel you’re in everybody’s way?

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