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Having been an athlete for a good portion of my life losing is tough. You work really hard and come up short. It’s never a good feeling.

The knee jerk reaction is to point a finger of blame at someone — But rarely at you.

It Was Hillary Clinton’s Election To Lose

I think I can safely say that only the most die hard Trump supporters thought he would win the Presidency.

Every news agency and pollster had Hillary Clinton on top as soon as she declared her candidacy. All she had to do was go through the motions.

When Trump got the nomination Hillary’s presidency was even more certain. Trump would surely self-destruct before November 8th.

Every tweet was supposed to be the last nail in Trumps coffin but as we all know now his demise was greatly exaggerated.

Enter The Russians

During the last six months of the election Wikileaks began releasing thousands of emails. Some were the supposed emails Hillary had erased from her private server.

There were also additional emails from Hillary aid Huma Abedin and campaign chair John Podesta.

The suspicions were that this information originated from Russian hackers in an effort to subvert our presidential process and given to Wikileaks for publication.

Were these emails enough to derail Hillary Clinton’s campaign? I mean you did have her opponent bragging about grabbing women’s body parts.

Election Night November 8th

Democrats sat down at house parties to celebrate the anointment of what they thought for sure would be the first woman president. History was about to be made.

And history was made that night.

America elected someone who had never held public office at any level of government. It would be the biggest upset in American political history.

While Hillary could bask in the light of receiving the most votes, Trump won the Electoral College vote substantially.

Some speculated that Clinton didn’t make a concession speech because the need for one had never occurred to anyone in her campaign.

So that speech was made the following day.

Some Final Thoughts

Did the Russians influence our election? Or, did the country just decide that it was time for a non-politician in spite of the warts and baggage he brought with him?

Hillary Clinton was never charged or indicted for any wrong doing in spite of hours of senate testimony and FBI statements.

But perhaps there was enough suspicion in the minds of voters that sooner or later something might come out that was provable.

Obviously some started looking for an alternative.

America elected one of the two most disliked presidential candidates to ever run for the office.

If the Democrats have to blame someone — the Russians are as good as any.

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