Photo by Tom Egelhoff
Photo by Tom Egelhoff

Every two years I have the opportunity to exercise one of the most precious freedoms I have as an American citizen.

I get to vote and have a say in selecting those individuals that will make decisions in my name at the local, state, and national levels.

Rigged Election?

For the first time in my memory there is suspicion that elections might not be as advertised.

I’m not talking about voter fraud or manipulation of ballots. I’m talking about what happened to Bernie Sanders.

His own party worked against him in favor of another candidate. One candidate was given debate questions in advance of the debate.

News organizations that broadcast the debates asking Parties to submit sample questions for a candidate they don’t particularly favor.

Is there any wonder that we are suspicious of both the news media and the heads of the various parties?

Some Final Thoughts

Having lived through 13 presidents and voting for 6 of them I’m not ready to throw in the towel that the system we use is flawed.

The Kennedy-Nixon, and Gore-Bush elections not withstanding.

Many people on both sides are not sure the winner called was the winner who actually won.

But I still believe we have an honest system or I wouldn’t bother voting at all. What’s your opinion?

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