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We all know that when you snooze, you lose, but who knew you could lose the very spot where you’re resting your head?

Snore Monitors are patrolling the halls of Crowne Plaza hotels in England, in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the chain’s “quiet zones.”

“As Snore Monitor, I conduct floor walks to check for noise disruptions, paying particular attention to the quiet zone rooms,” Laura Simpson, who works at the Leeds Crowne Plaza hotel, explained.

If a guest’s snores happen to be projecting out into the hallway, Simpson or another Snore Monitor will break up their noisy slumber with a knock on the door.

While heavy snorers won’t be expelled from their room on the spot, repeat offenders will be offered rooms away from the quite zone for the next stay.

The chain is also testing snore-proof rooms, which use sound-proofing, anti-snoring pillows and white noise machines to dull the effect of snoring.

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