The website is a website that allows people to anonymously post a person's name, location, photo and what STD's the individual has. Does the finger pointer need proof the individual has an STD? Nope. How do you get your name taken off the website? Only by sending in proof that you do not have the supposed STD. I don't want to scare you, but your name could be on this site.

Anderson Cooper had the creator of, Cyrus Sullivan, on as a guest to defend himself and his website that is causing trouble in many peoples' lives.

The back story of Cyrus is that he caught herpes from a former girlfriend who did not tell him she had herpes. He then got the idea to create a website to prevent this from happening to others in the future. Sounds simple right? It gets much deeper.

The creator showed near complete lack of sympathy for false claims on his site. What I mean by false claims is that it's possible and very easy for people with no STD's to be listed on the site. Anderson Cooper had two women who are in the midst of fighting to have their information taken off of his site and in both cases, the women claim to be STD free. In one of the cases, her STD listing shows up at the top of a Google search for her name! So how did their names wind up on the site?

Anyone can simply upload any person's info onto the website and claim the person has an STD. The submitter does not need to supply any sort of evidence or personal identification of  himself. Where is the legitimacy of these claims? There is none. Scary stuff right.

The creator argues that this is simply how the internet works and he isn't to blame for any false accusations on his website. He claims that the website makes it safer for others to identify people hiding STD's. When asked how many people have reached out to thank him for his service, he replied saying, "two."

In addition to running this website, the creator also runs a service which helps hide the exact kind of defaming information found on This service comes at the small price of $1000.

You can check out the website at to see if you are unknowingly among those listed. Can you imagine finding you or a relative on here knowing anyone can see it?

Below is a video of Anderson Cooper explaining his anger and frustration with Cyrus.

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