A measure to allow people in cities to carry a concealed gun without a permit is moving through the Senate.
Republican Rep. Krayton Kerns' House Bill 271 cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday. The bill was amended to require completion of a training course to carry without a permit.

Two of Kerns' other measures, allowing silencers when hunting and concealed carry into prohibited places like bars and banks, were stopped in the committee.

Kerns, a gun rights advocate, says the measures are important to defend the right to bear arms and let people protect themselves in public.

Many lawmakers support gun rights measures but Kerns' more permissive proposals drew criticism from some Democrats who say they may be endangering public safety and law enforcement.

Do you think this might get as twisted as the Medical Marijuana problem..I can hear the "bad guys" now, HMMM I didn't know I had to take a 2 day course! Another can of worms.

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