Ever since Superman first took to TV back in the 1950s kids of all ages have been obsessed with super heroes.

As a kid I collected comic books and when I went off to war my mother threw them all away. I shudder to think what some of them might have been worth today.

Super Heroes = Big Bucks

But in the last ten years or so the level of these larger than life hybrid humans has reached new heights.

The latest blockbuster that caught everyone unaware is “Black Panther.” It recently passed Titanic in box office receipts taking in over $688 million domestically.

Unfortunately, the merchandise guys greatly underestimated the popularity of the movie and found themselves scrambling to satisfy the demand for movie related toys and games.

What’s The Attraction?

What makes these comic book characters so attractive to the movie going public?

I think the answer is that it’s a way for us to enter an imaginary world where we have the power to vicariously vanquish the foes in our daily lives.

Your boss is a pain — what would you do is you had super powers? Someone stronger or bigger than you did you wrong. Super powers to the rescue.

Some Final Thoughts

For ninety minutes we can all be invincible and right all the world’s wrongs. I question the healthy mentality of this form of thinking.

After the movie ends you’re still stuck in the life you had before you entered the theater. Are you more or less depressed after the final credits roll?

Was it money well spent to escape for an hour and a half for ten bucks if you include popcorn?

Or do you need another fix by next weekend?

Maybe our true superpower is that we can take on the world we live in with just our own God given powers.

Sounds pretty super to me. Comments below.

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