This building should fetch a pretty penny for the City of Bozeman especially because the building is in one of the most desirable locations in our area. 

KBZK is reporting that the City of Bozeman is getting ready to open the new Public Safety Center, so now the City of Bozeman can turn their attention to selling their Fire Station 1 building in downtown Bozeman. The building sits right on the corner of Rouse Avenue and Mendenhall. 

According to the report, the building was constructed in the 1960s, and the City of Bozeman projects they will sell the building around $2.5 million, but to be honest, the city is going to get way more for that. The City of Bozeman has a building that is in downtown Bozeman, a busy part as well, and can host multiple businesses, or one big one. This spot is very desirable. 

To be honest, Fire Station 1 could easily sell for maybe even twice that figure, and nobody in Bozeman would even bat an eye because that has become a new norm around here. 

The City of Bozeman already has several offers on the table, but the City Commission has to approve the sale, and there could be more offers coming in the next few months. 

What I would want to see is if the City of Bozeman makes, whoever buys the building, will have to keep the structure, and won't allow this historic building to be torn down so something else can be constructed. They will probably allow additions to the building, which would make sense but not take away the classic brick look. 

Who knows what will take over this spot, but it won't happen till the summer of 2022.

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