Once again, we have a mob of illegal aliens moving in mass to assault our southern border. They are not a caravan, not an exodus, they are an invasion and yes — they are a mob.

How many are there is anyone’s guess. Some estimates are as high as fourteen thousand or more.

Borders Have No Meaning Anymore

Apparently, there are no border guards on the northern borders of Honduras, Guatemala El Salvador or Mexico.

As long as you have sufficient numbers you can go anywhere you want. Borders are meaningless.

Unanswered Questions

Question Number One. As the mob crosses Mexico, it would seem the numbers are growing. Current estimates are near fourteen thousand. They could be in the tens of thousands by the time they reach the Arizona – California border. Will they be able to cross our southern border as easily as they did their homeland borders? And if they do then what do we do? Catch and release with a promise of a future court date?

Question Number Two: Who’s feeding this multitude? Does someone have five loves and a fish? Even at 1,000 calories per day that’s a lot of food.

At best they might have been able to bring a few days with them but after that then what?

Not to mention one of the rules of going to Mexico is to not drink the water. How much dysentery will there be by the time this journey is over?

Question Number Three: Maybe this should have been question number two but where do they go number two? I would guess fourteen thousand people would leave an unbelievable trail of excrement across Mexico that someone is going to either live with until nature eliminates it or someone is on major poop duty.

My guess is they live with it and hope for very dry weather.

Question Number Four: How much disease is in a group this size moving that closely together. In case anyone forgot we’re in the middle of flu season.

I would also guess that Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are not known for their quality immunization policies.

Given the number of children I see there could be measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, etc. Who’s going to provide medical care when they finally arrive at our southern border?

Question Number Five: If living conditions are so horrendous in your home country then why the flags? Shouldn’t these people be burning those flags? Hanging their leaders in effigy?

Some Final Thoughts

What will America do? The short answer is nothing. More than likely they will be let in and disappear into the woodwork of society.

Why? Because it’s an election year and both parties need to seem compassionate and magnanimous to our neighbors and those in need.

Heaven forbid we should lift a finger to help our own poor here in America. That won’t make the front pages and create any soundbite opportunities for anyone.

When it comes to our elected leaders on both sides of the aisle in America, “A sucker is elected every minute.”

Welcome one, welcome all, as long as you vote the right way once we let you in.

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