Everywhere you look around Bozeman, there is some kind of building going on. Some of us are happy we are growing and welcome more building. Others would like to stop all building, freeze the city, maybe even go back in time and get rid of some of the people who are already here.

The debate is very real and at the center of it might be the Black-Olive apartment building. Everyone has an opinion on it. Some people feel if they can stop it, it will slow the growth in Bozeman.

I am against the Black-Olive building continuing. Not because I am anti-growth but because the developers of this project seem to think the rules don't apply to them. They want to build 47 apartments in downtown Bozeman, a mixture of one- and two-bedrooms with very little parking. It is just unexceptionable to just offer 40 parking spots knowing that before they even pick up a hammer to build there will be a problem. We need to stop this problem that anyone who can add one plus one it is not going to work. There are not enough parking spots.

Someone on my show Dominick In The Morning suggested that we have the people who rent an apartment at Black-Olive sign a document promising to never buy a car and use only a bicycle. The City Commission, which is meeting tonight, according to the Bozeman Chronicle, is going to make a decision. They must turn down these developers.

It's like we are on the Titanic, heading to an ice burg. We need to stop the boat before we hit it. There is going to be a problem if we don't do something BEFORE we hit it.

City commissioners don't let this happen. You must vote it down. I want the Black-Olive apartments but not until the developers do the right thing. Eighty seven parking places would get my support.

On Dominick In The Morning we'll talk to City Commissioner Jeff Krauss tomorrow about tonight's meeting.


Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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