On Dominick In The Morning today we had some sad news. One of my regular callers is a guy named Clint. Clint is always interesting and likes to give his opinions. When I took his call today, he said his daughter had just died from a drug overdose.

He went on to talk about how many drug users we had in Bozeman. He wanted me to do a show talking about this problem. I could hear pain in Clint's voice. He asked if he could come on the show sometime and talk about the problems of drugs. I said yes and had been planning to do a show because it seems to be a big problem in our town.

After Clint's call, like a family - and I think of my listeners as family and friends-  I got texts from people wanted to pass on to Clint how sorry they were.

Next call, a Bozeman man whose 18-year-old son walked in front of a truck to kill himself. The kid just couldn't get off drugs.

Another call, another story of drugs and suicide. Twenty two-year-old grandson was a drug addict and put a gun in his mouth and ended it.

Another call...

In a small place like Bozeman to get this many calls tells me something. The drug problem is much bigger than I expected. Young people are ending their lives in our town and we need to do something.

I am planning some more shows on Dominick In The Morning dealing with the drug and suicide problem. My thought is we can't change the world with one or two radio shows. But if only one person hears what we are talking about. Just one person, and they say no, they pass on trying it. If just one or two people remembers what was said on the air and decides it is not something you should play around with... I would be happy



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