Right now, I bet you are strapped into your ski or snowboard boots and reading this through rose colored goggles. No? Well you should be because the season is going to be here quick! Here we have a graph to illustrate how much money you save, or don't save when you purchase a season pass at Bridger Bowl.

If you purchase an adult season pass at $599, you will need to visit the slopes 12 times to break even. Every trip to the mountain after your 12th you will be saving money. A ten time pass for $400 will have you saving money after your 8th trip to the slopes and stays the cheapest option until you go more than 15 times. How many times will you be able to make it up the mountain this year? And remember the prices of season passes go up October 8th.

Thanks to reddit user 1over6bil for making this very helpful graph!


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