NorthWestern Energy will be spending $20,000 to replace streetlights along Willson and Cleveland streets in Bozeman with concrete cast light poles similar to the current posts originally installed in 1935, maintaining the historic feel of the area.

BOZEMAN — NorthWestern Energy has agreed to replace a group of 75-year-old streetlamps in a historic section of Bozeman with replicas of the original concrete poles.

The utility had earlier offered to replace the lighting system with one of the company's standard fiberglass pole designs, but residents said the concrete poles embodied the character of the area.

KBZK-TV reports Bozeman's Historic Preservation Advisory Board got in touch with a company that could produce concrete poles very similar to the originals installed in 1935. A NorthWestern spokesman says the company, StressCrete, offered the concrete poles for the same cost as the fiberglass ones.

NorthWestern said it will cost the company an additional $20,000 in labor to install the heavier poles.

The lights will be replaced over the next two years.

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