I've seen multiple reports about this being a really bad tick season. In fact, I found a tick crawling across my phone, so I can confirm that. But is it a bad flea season, too? Many people believe the Vole problem in the Gallatin Valley this year was due to the abundance of snow that we received. Could we be in for a bad bug season, too, because of this? Maybe we should start preparing for more ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes this spring.

There's been some reports on social media about flea bites also making the rounds. The woman in the photo below believes she was bitten by fleas that came from a dog in her home.

To avoid flea infestation, here's 3 Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Make sure Fido is clean. Use flea & tick shampoos instead of just a regular shampoo for your dog, cat, or household marsupial.
  • Wash your bed sheets in hot water. This will help with bed bugs, too
  • Vacuum your living space and bedrooms at least once per week. Flea larva can live in carpets.


photos courtesy of Facebook
photos courtesy of Facebook