There's no doubt that Bozeman has changed A LOT in recent years. But if you've been here for 20, 30, 40 or 60 years, your markers of Bozeman history are a blast to compare. Favorite old businesses, schools, (now) major roads that were simply 2 lane dirt paths - HUNDREDS of locals chimed in when we asked this question:

"Tell us how long you've lived in the Bozeman area without telling us how long you've lived in the Bozeman area."

(Keep in mind that all these pulled quotes were from an original Facebook post. There might be some typos, misspellings, and other minor grammatical boo-boos. Most people don't pay that much attention if they're commenting on a simple question.)

  • Spanish Peaks Brewery was the only brewery. It was also the start of Bozeman’s massive black lab population boom.
  • Moved away last year … but when I first lived in Bozeman, seat belts were optional, Stromboli’s pizza was the best, the “Main Mall” was a year old, beer was $0.25 on Friday afternoons… second move to Bozeman: Target just opened their doors, Oak Street ended at 7th, Smith’s was inside Gallatin Valley Mall, and The Bacchus was still in business as the original…
  • “Grab a beer at The Sundance?” (in a boot mug.) Before it was the Sundance it was called the Corner Pocket. A billiard pool bar.
  • Come on down and see Judy at the Paint Pot!
  • There were 3 ponds and no mall. They were out of town. People wondered why they would build the mall so far out.
  • ‘we’re cooking up something special for you at Donna Maries…where coffee is still a quarter’ (before Donna Marie’s it was Colonel’s)
  • starlight drive in, kagy was dirt and I remember watching Figgins Addition being developed.
  • 19th was a mud bog and if you made it to the ups building you did good.
  • I drove down Huffine before it was paved.
  • Birthday party’s at Village Inn Pizza followed by movie night at the Starlite Drive In. Skating at the Skate Palace. Playing arcade games at the Gold Mine in the mall (be sure to check out the polar bear as well).
City Center Motor Inn - Google Maps 2008
City Center Motor Inn - Google Maps 2008

It was such fun to see the hundreds of comments that came flooding in about people's "Bozeman history touch points", and the mini conversations that ensued. Folks who didn't know each other, bonding over memories of a bar, restaurant, or business that was a Bozeman favorite 50 years ago.

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  • Bungalow Drug! Cherry coke with crushed ice and cheap burgers! I miss that place!
  • Worked at The Caravan/Habitat store on East Main and lived above it in an apartment for $150 month utilities included.
  • Montana born and raised! They just burned down the house we lived in at Milligan Canyon when Mount Saint Helens blew its top. We also lived in a wooden box car up Clarkston while the Ponderosa Pines Ranch was being built. THATS how long.
  • Born in the old Bozeman Hospital
  • A mid week pass at Bridger was $90. The twin cinemas on Main and 8th(?) were the most modern movie theaters. There was a drive in on 7th.
  • My dad was on his way into town on the interstate and was stopped for speeding. He paid the officer the 5 bucks and then gave him ANOTHER 5 bucks. The officer asked him what the extra $5 was for and my dad replied “It’s for on the way back!”
  • Pamida in Livingston
  • Movie theatre that is now Town and Country and Bridger Brewing.. (am I remembering that right?) Also when The Ellen and Rialto were movie theaters.
  • Frontier Pies was my favorite
Boodles - Google Maps 2008
Boodles - Google Maps 2008

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