Remember when we weren't always pissed off about something? Bozeman seems to have lost it's sense of humor and perhaps that's because nothing has been worth a belly laugh in a while.

Nothing I'm going to write here is to diminish the (very real) pressing issues we're facing these days: the housing crunch, rising rents, soaring home prices, longer commute times, energy costs, property tax increases, etc...

But it feels to me that not that long ago, we at least had some funny crap going on around here. Chat worthy stuff. Interesting enough to share with your uncle in Ohio. You know, things that Bozeman was a little funky. Not much feels funky to me right now. Things are tense.

When was the last time you encountered something as funny to talk about as the Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus? Now THAT was holiday table conversation back in the day...

There are only a few things from recent months that made me laugh about our area:

Gallatin County the weed capitol of the West? When we like something, we like something. Apparently there are over 80 dispensaries in Gallatin County, with more than 50 of those located inside Bozeman. When I checked on those numbers earlier this year, the stats were DEFINITELY shared with my old MSU college buddies who no longer live here.

The Western Montana Airbnb that rents for over $60k a Week: That kind of money will rent you a decent yacht in the Caribbean for a week. But Montana does love a good, luxurious ranch. This gem led to a marathon email exchange with friends across the country about "who's state had the most expensive Airbnb". (We almost won...)

Well, rant over. Perhaps you have a funny Bozeman tidbit that I've missed from recent history. If so, please share with the class. We could all use a humorous time-out.

Secluded Villa is Most Expensive Airbnb in Montana

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