The Save Bozeman organization has been on Dominick In The Morning and talked about how they felt the City Commission wasn't following the law when it came to the proposed Black Olive apartment building. The City, they say, made changes to the commercial zoning code without proper neighborhood notice and involvement.

The complaint was filed by Save Bozeman and it was good enough for a judge to issue a restraining order.

Numerous property and business owners don't like the way they have been treated. According to Save Bozeman, the City of Bozeman was pushing rules through without the input of the locals who live in the area.

The complaint filed by Save Bozeman to District Court Judge John Brown alleges:

"The City of Bozeman failed to provide timely and adequate notice of 2015 revisions to the commercial zone design guidelines within the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District. The complaint claims that the statutory and constitutional rights of residential property owners were violated in a process where commercial zone design guidelines were revised by developers and architects and approved by the Bozeman City Commission without proper notice, input or participation of neighborhoods and affected property owners."

What will happen next? Dominick In The Morning has just been informed Monday's September 4, 2017 Bozeman City Commission meeting has been cancelled. We have calls in to all parties and are following the situation.

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