The Belgrade High School Key Club is trying to stock their school food pantry to help those kids whose families cant afford the food they need.

The school counselors take care of making sure the kids get food.

My daughter Shelby who is a Sophomore in Belgrade and a Key Club Member, said

the pantry is about giving kids something to eat when they don’t have access to free or reduced school lunches.

According to school records, there are currently 143 high school students receiving free lunches. Seventy-one students receive reduced price lunches and 579 students pay the full $2.50 for a school lunch.

The best items to donate are quick-and-easy meals on the go. To kick start the pantry, the club hosted an 80s-themed dance on May 11 in the school’s gym. The entry fee for the dance was a few cans of food. The goal is to raise food and awareness for the pantry.

If you would like to donate items to the food pantry, simply drop them off at the front office in the High School with a note that says Key Club.

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