Congressman Greg Gianforte has introduced the Tribal Addiction and Recovery Act, known as the TARA Act.

Native tribes are being hit very hard by the scourge of meth.The legislation Gianforte wants will combat meth use across Montana.

“Montana is suffering a crisis of methamphetamine use, which affects not only the addicts, but also their families, communities and even babies who are born addicted,” Gianforte said. “This tragic epidemic requires more resources and the focus of officials at all levels of government.”


We in Montana have seen a 427 percent increase in methamphetamine violations from 2010-2015. Fifty-four percent of investigations done by Montana Narcotics Bureau agents involve meth. Methamphetamines accounts for the second most drug violations in Montana, only marijuana accounts for more drug violations in our state.

The TARA Act, H.R. 5140, makes meth programs eligible for funds authorized to address the opioid crisis. The legislation makes tribes eligible to receive funds for federal programs that address the crises of opioids and meth use.


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