No Republican has ever won the White House without Ohio and that’s what happened last night about 9:15 PM Mountain Time. Governor Romney lost Ohio to President Obama. So baring some kind of recount scenario Barack Obama will retrain the presidency for another four years. It was a close fought race, but in the end, Governor Romney didn’t have the numbers to pull it out. So, several people who predicted everything from a narrow Romney win to a Reaganisque type landslide are going to have a nice big crow breakfast this morning if all the numbers hold.

I Hate It When I’m Right

Am I happy with tonight’s result? Being a fiscal conservative, not even close. I guess I shouldn’t be too upset. I’ve never felt that Romney was an electable candidate. I felt the same about John McCain. I’m not sure President Obama won two elections or the Republicans lost two elections. The President hardly received a mandate from the people according to the popular vote.

What was the most surprising revelation to me was the division between us. Not only was the vote in nearly all of the swing states amazingly close, but the popular vote might turn out to be the closest in history. Romney graciously conceded victory to the president. Otherwise we might have been looking at a replay of the 2000 election where Al Gore won the popular vote but George Bush won the Electoral Vote. But this one is in the history books and the next correction, if one is necessary, will be in two years.

Four More Years

So what will the president do with the economy he inherited last night? It’s time to take responsibility for 48 months of 7.9% or higher unemployment, 23 million unemployed, huge Medicare and Food Stamp fraud, two wars still going on, sixteen trillion dollar debt load and stagnant job creation. According to him he should have “more flexibility” after last night. I know I sound a little vindictive in my comments but it’s pretty frustrating when the only tool the congress has is a hammer and, to them, every problem looks like a nail.

Some Final Thoughts

We are a blessed nation. We’ve had good presidents and not so good presidents. But the great thing about this country is that we have the ability to “self-correct.” We abolished slavery, won world wars, championed the poor and oppressed, and created a country that’s the envy of the world.

So I am looking at the next four years with trepidation. I’ll get by. I’ve lived through both good and bad presidents, good and bad congresses, and good and bad politicians at all levels. When bad circumstances or bad decisions show up, Americans, not government, show up and make things right.

So sit back, enjoy your morning coffee and realize that no matter what happens every four years in November you live in the greatest place on earth. You, not government will be the conduit for the next “self correction.”

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