Upon the arrival of tax season, Attorney General Tim Fox wants to warn Montanans about aggressive and sometimes threatening phone calls from scammers impersonating agents of the Internal Revenue Service. Fox said the calls are believed to be originating from overseas locations and phone numbers are “spoofed,” making tracking the individuals carrying out theses scams very difficult.

"There are unfortunately a number of scams going on right now where Montanans are getting phone calls from someone saying they represent the IRS," Fox said. "They also say that the taxpayer on the line is delinquent in their taxes and threatening legal action if they don't pay immediately."

Fox said often times, scammers will ask for credit cards or prepaid debit cards, even money wired over the phone.

"It's important for Montanans to know that first of all, the IRS does not make these kinds of demands over the phone and you can hang up if you get these kinds of calls," Fox said. "Certainly, Montanans should never share any personal or financial information over the phone or over email with anyone they don't know."

Fox said consumers receiving these calls should not wire money to a person or company you don't know, hang up the phone, immediately, and call the IRS or the Montana Department of Revenue directly at (866) 859-2254.

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