Looking back over my life I can easily see a pattern of self-sabotage. Why is it that we want to be successful, live a good life but our behaviors put up roadblock after roadblock until we are sure that we are just not destined for the good life?

Unfortunately I bought into this fallacy for a good part of my life and wasted a lot of time I’ll never get back. You, on the other hand, don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. Here are some things that turned my life around and stopped the downward spiral.

Getting To The Finish Line

I was the poster child for starting projects but never getting them done. Look up procrastination in the dictionary and you’d find my picture. I had tons of great ideas, would put some great things down on paper, make a few calls, buy some books and the entire project would end up on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.

When I decided to write my first book, my first thought was, — will I ever finish it? I made it a point to tell everyone I knew that I was writing a book. That way everyone would ask me, “How’s the book coming.” That way I was forced to write it and finally after four years I did.

Why so long? Because I would write hundreds of pages then take six months off. But then I would go back to that shelf and write more. Finishing what you start becomes a habit after awhile.

You’re Not Always Right

I used to have a hard time admitting that I was wrong about something. Some who know me would say I still have that problem. But the answer to that contradiction came with reading. I found that by searching differing points of view I could either confirm that I was right or be presented with an argument that I was unable to take apart and had to admit my error. I’m still pretty firm in my personal philosophy but way more open to new ideas than I used to be.

The Wrong Reasons

One thing that really slowed me down was the thinking that it had to be the “Right Time” to begin a project. Can’t start a business until the economy improves, I’ll buy stocks when that market recovers, I’ll buy that house when the prices come back down.

I found over time that there is no right time to do anything. I don’t mean that you just operate totally by the seat of your pants. But there are times that moving ahead is what’s best for you at that time and you shouldn’t base that decision on a constantly changing environment. How will you know when the right time is? None of us have a crystal ball.

Some Final Thoughts

We all have our little mental demons. Those road construction detours from the things we know we should be doing. Many people have a fear of success. What if this thing takes off and I’m in over my head? I could lose everything. Sometimes we truly are our own worst enemies. The question then becomes who’s stronger — you or you?

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