Credit: JGilbody • Source: ThinkStock
Credit: JGilbody • Source: ThinkStock

Sounds easy right? Buy some stuff, rent a storefront, run a couple ads and the money just comes pouring in. If it were only that easy.

Where to Start

As you might guess we start with you. What’s your reasoning? Why a business and why a particular one? What are you looking for?

  • Maybe you’re sick of working 9 to 5 building someone else’s dream.
  • Maybe you want to be your own boss.
  • Maybe it’s being able to set your own schedule.
  • Maybe you want to raise your standard of living.
  • Maybe you’re sick of your current job.
  • Or maybe you just happened onto what might be the next big business idea.

You Have to “Risk It For The Biscuit”

Whatever the reasoning is, it’s going to have to be strong enough to motivate you to a level that will allow you to get over the tough challenges.

Everything rests on you now. You’re the decision maker and one wrong decision can bring down the whole house of cards.

How much are you willing to risk and sacrifice to take you where you want to be? All business is a risk.

Lot’s of businesses enjoyed much success only to see it all vanish in a couple of years.

Success Today Does Not Mean Success Tomorrow

Circuit City, Linen’s & Things, Border’s Books, and Mervyn’s are all gone. Once thriving profitable companies that are now empty storefronts.

Radio Shack and JC Penny’s may be enjoying their last meal.

Getting to a successful level is never easy. Staying there could be even harder. Unless you are able to push yourself harder and farther than you ever thought possible.

Financial or societal obstacles do not stop successful people or successful companies. They find ways around, over or through those obstacles.

Some Final Thoughts

There are hundred’s of ways people can buy products and services. What proof do you have they will buy from you?

There is no high speed, Interstate Highway, to success. You are on the back roads with bumps and potholes and speed traps.

You are making your own road more or less. You are going to hit a lot of detours and make a lot of wrong turns.

But as long as you have a destination the speed in which you reach it depends on your map. And the best map to success is a good business plan.

Are you ready to start your own business??

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