As some regular readers are aware I was a college athlete in my early years. As a result of athletics I was a fan of various sports but I doubt I’d fall into the rabid fan category.

I never painted my face or large letters on my body to display my allegiance to my team of choice. I did however wear the clothing.

Coats, headbands, sweats, caps all hung in my closest until the next time my team took the field of battle.

The NFL Lost Me

While I prefer college football and basketball to the professional versions I did have to abandon viewing the NFL due to the kneeling controversy.

I don’t really care why pro players are kneeling it’s just that there’s a time and place for political displays and the playing field in front of paying customers is selfish and self serving and doesn’t deserve my support of the broadcast or sponsors.

So rabid fan or not — I am unfortunately an empty seat in their audience.

Some Final Thoughts

I know there are those who will follow their team no matter what. Good season, bad season you’re in the front row cheering.

I have no problem with that at all. Good for you. To each his own. But we all get to pick and choose the hill we want to die on.

And I choose to wait for a higher hill.

So I’ll probably stick with the more pure sports at the college and high school level. If they start kneeling there’s always ping-pong.

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