Every time I try to keep a group of items in my head it never works out well for me. I find I have to make multiple trips for things I forgot when just making a simple list would solve all my problems.

But making a list takes forever. And sometimes I still forget things.

I guess technologically speaking you could call me listless.

Seven Is The Magic Number

When you think about it most of the things we need to remember day-to-day are in sevens.

  • Seven Seas
  • Seven Continents
  • Seven Wonders of The World
  • Seven Dwarfs
  • Dance of the Seven Veil's
  • Seven Digit Phone Number
  • Lucky# Seven
  • Seventh Son
  • The 777 Office Building Downtown
  • Seven Days of The Week

Where’s The List?

If you do keep a list you also have to remember where the list is whenever you need to add something to it.

So never move the list from where it is kept. If you’re away from the list and need to add something make another list and then add it to the master list.

And don’t misplace the list you were going to add to the master list. I know that makes no sense at all.

My wife is great at lists. She makes them for me all the time. Over the month we’ll make out a grocery list adding items as we think of them.

Then my wife will re-write the list in order by aisles in the store crossing the items off as we go.

This is also helpful because we do little impulse buying. And, grocery shopping gets done really fast and efficiently.

Some Final Thoughts

Some great places to keep your list:

  • On the fridge with a magnet since food or kitchen stuff is probably most of the list.
  • In a Day Timer for those who don’t use their smart phone.
  • Keep it in your wallet and you’ll never leave home without it.

Start keeping a few lists now and then. You might just like it.

Are you listless?

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