Doing a news talk morning show and being a conservative, some people think I only want people who think like me to participate. Not true. It may be true with other hosts, but three hours a day of us all agreeing puts me to sleep.

As my Italian grandma always said ( I am trying to write this in her Italian accent) "Little Dominick, aye, if a you always eat a chicken. Fish, is a kind a nice, so eat a your fish, aye."

I am told Bozeman has a lot of liberals. In fact almost daily I have someone tell me the Bozeman Chronicle is filled with liberals. I don't know if that's true, but they won't come on my show. Maybe they just don't like Italians.

So here is my problem. How do I find you? Maybe walk down 19th Street with a sign? Are you a liberal or is your kid a liberal? Do you like talk radio? Can you disagree with out being disagreeable? Okay, I want you.

Dominick On The Air is putting together a monthly one-hour radio segment called


This is what I need you to do. Listen to AM 1450 and my show, Dominick In The Morning, so you get a feeling of what the show is all about. Put together a few of your views on three or four subjects, maybe three sentences each. Email me and tell me why you want to be a "Bozeman liberal."

Two important things: You have to be sane and have a sense of humor. I don't want an hour of name calling. I want to try to really understand what makes you think the way you do. You must also try to be open-minded and be able to at least try to understand my opinion.

We want to share ideas and the more passion you have the better. I personally do know liberals, but some of the people I know only know they hate Trump. They really don't know why...well, they say he is a Russian spy and hates Jews. They just know what they hear from somebody who told them they heard from a friend that Trump was bad.

You should be able to think, and if you only have your views because you don't want to be uncool this may not be right for you.

A true Bozeman liberal must dare to be uncool

Oh, this is not a paying gig, and you must be able to be in the fabulous AM 1450 studios once a month between 8 and 9 a.m. You must also live in Bozeman. I don't want any of you Billings or Missoula liberals trying to sneak in.

Also, if you have a libral friend you can come together. No husbands & wives or boyfriend & girlfriends or boyfriend & boyfriend or girlfriend & girlfriend. This is for safety. I don't want to get beat up because you think I insulted your other half. I am looking to hear from you soon




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