You won't see Congressman Greg Gianforte's mug shot. Friday our congressman was booked and fingerprinted after he confessed to assaulting a reporter.

Congressman Gianforte was fighting not to be fingerprinted or have a mug shot taken. It went to court and for weeks my listeners and I have been discussing on Dominick In The Morning. Some said this was just a way for Democrats to embarrass the newly-elected Republican congressman. Some said no one is above the law.

Congressman Gianforte's mug shot and fingerprints were not released to the media. Marty Lambert, the Gallatin County attorney, says he asked the state Attorney General Tim Fox if the mug shots and fingerprints had to be released to the general public.

Are mug shots confidential criminal justice information? Conservative Republican Attorney Fox, declined to issue an opinion on conservative Republican Congressman Gianforte.



West Memphis Police Department
West Memphis Police Department


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