If you believe the media ratings it would seem the only people who watch presidential debates are those sitting in the audience.

Some presidential debates seem to be intentionally scheduled opposite big TV events in order to stifle viewership.

Debate Talking Points

It seems that the questions asked by debate moderators have little to do with the candidate’s answers.

For the most part candidates find a way to segue back to their patented talking points and regurgitate a non-answer answer regardless of the question.

How does that help anyone decide on a final primary vote? Is the candidate afraid of the question? Does the candidate not have an answer for that question?

He Said; She Said

The rest of the debates consist of moderators trying to play gotcha with the candidates. Did you refer to Candidate X as a ________________?

Then the back and forth of two or more candidates talking over each other begins and we at home are fumbling for the remote.

Some Final Thoughts

It would be refreshing to hear the actual views of the candidates rather than prepared talking points and feel good sound bites prepared to bring a smile to voters faces.

Am I happy if I just hear what I think I want to hear? Or is there a true exchange of ideas devoid of party lines.

It would be nice to find a way where candidates could speak as candidly in public as they do in private.

What would your debate look like?

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