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According to a recent article in Elite Daily residents who live in large cities are more patient than those living in suburbia.

This article got me to thinking about the actions of Bozeman residents that I see in my daily life.

Since I retired I don’t interact with society as much as I did when I was working. But I do go to the grocery store, restaurants and movies, etc.

Just a few of the place you have to wait to be served.

I’ve also lived in large cities, — San Diego, California was my last big city experience and I traveled all over it as an outside salesperson and met a lot of people.

Define Patient

In order to judge I guess you have to define what patience means to you. Does a wait in a doctor’s office of more than 10-15 minutes make you manic?

Does full checkout lines at Walmart make that vein in your neck stick out? Or do you just take it all in stride and use the time to check out the latest issue of People Magazine while you wait?

Real Life And Patience Don’t Mix

It’s said we’re born with an automatic fear of falling and loud noises. I would add waiting in line to that as well.

People do camp out to get a new iPhone or concert tickets while others would go ballistic after about an hour.

At Disneyland you’ll spend about 3 times longer waiting in line than you will on almost any ride or attraction in the park.

If you’re late for work then slow traffic might make you less patient. If you’re early it really doesn’t matter all that much.

I’m reminded of a bumper sticker I see quite often that says, “Did you move here to be in a hurry?”

Poor planning will almost always lead to reduced patience in our activities.

Some Final Thoughts

So is Bozeman or any city for that matter lacking in patience compared to other places? Putting so called studies aside I think most of us make an effort to be patient and our location has little if anything to do with that.

Those living in large cities are perhaps conditioned to their environment that might put more obstacles in their daily lives that they just take for granted.

Are locals residents any more impatient than other places you’ve lived?

Comments below.


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