It’s also Gell-Mann’s Totalitarian Principle, coined by physicist Murray Gell-Mann as a basic law of quantum mechanics.

Any interaction between sub-atomic particles not expressly prohibited by some natural law must be assumed to be probable (the soft version) or must be inevitable (the hard version).

Astronomers now have indirect though pretty good photographic evidence that black holes are real; but long before that, their existence was considered almost certain because (a) the laws of physics said that they could exist, and (b) no known law prevents them from existing.

What Does This Have To Do With Anything?

What it means in our real everyday lives is that any thing not forbidden to us must happen.

Or if that’s too strong for you — can happen. It’s one of those laws that removes all your excuses.

I can’t succeed because I don’t have the education. Nothing is forbidding you from getting an education. And you can do something about that. — Start by reading.

I don’t have any money — then work and save.

You’re not forbidden from working and you’re not forbidden from learning skills and expertise that increase your value.

You created your current value. How do you intend to increase your value?

Some Final Thoughts

Many people have the problem of finding every reason in the world for why I can’t rather than looking for ways for why I can.

When it comes right down to it there are few obstacles standing in the way of achieving our goals and dreams.

Most of our problem is negative self-talk. We can usually talk ourselves out of the success we really want to be.

You’re not forbidden to try. You’re not forbidden to be successful. You’re also not forbidden from sitting on the couch and whining about the deck being stacked against you.

The question seems to be — if you’re not forbidden — then what’s stopping you?

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