(Photo by David Goldman-Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Goldman-Pool/Getty Images)

Human beings have been killing each other since the first human amoeba crawled out of the primordial ooze. Before firearms weapons of choice ranged from the rock Cain used on Abel, to spears, swords, knives, hatchets, axes, and clubs during the crusades.

American Indian tribes ruled each other for centuries with the bow and arrow.

There have been ten wars in my lifetime alone.

Are We Truly Civilized?

You would think that after a few million years of sharing this planet that we would have come a lot further. We have modern technology, yet still act as primitive as cave men.

Domestic violence, neighborhood disagreements, gang warfare, drug cartels often produces a gun fight before any kind of negotiation or finding common ground is even attempted.

Even minor arguments result in dead bodies. Road rage, your dog pooped on my lawn, or your stereo is too loud.

Lock and load is a common course of action rather than talk and consider the other person’s point of view.

Pulling a gun and shooting anyone, for any reason, can hardly be called “civilized” under any known definition of that word.

If We’re Not Civilized —Then What Are We?

How can a civilized society be governed that’s not civilized? We pass laws that even the most conservative person would consider good laws yet the violence continues.

Most people want background checks, and other safeguards, to keep those with mental issues withheld from gun use and gun ownership.

But will all these civilized laws rein in those who are uncivilized? The short answer is no.

Gun free zones and strict gun laws have shown to have had limited effect in most areas of our nation.

No law will prevent a person who is hell bent on killing another from making that happen.

A gun, knife, machete, sword, rifle, shotgun, pistol, automobile, baseball bat, golf club, sling shot, pressure cooker or bare hands will get the job done if the perpetrator is dedicated and motivated enough.

The Thought Process

The vast majority of us have probably wondered how nice the world would be if the person causing us pain was absent from the human race. We want others to suffer at our hands as we have suffered at theirs.

The vast majority of us don’t act on that impulse. We are civilized and realize there are consequences to our actions.

While it might feel great to “go postal” on your boss, keying his or her car might be just as comforting.

It’s hard for us to find any legitimate reason for standing up in a church and killing nine innocent, defenseless people.

There can be no civilized justification for such an act.

The Insanity Defense

John Hinckley believed that shooting President Reagan would impress actress Jodie Foster and get him on the cover of Time Magazine.

Did the person know “right from wrong” at the time the crime was committed? That was Hinckley’s insanity defense 34 years ago when he was sent to a mental hospital.

He could very possibly be conditionally released soon.

If so, he would be the first person in history to shoot a president and go home a free man.

Some Final Thoughts

As Sonny and Cher so correctly said, “The beat goes on…” Laws will be passed, meetings held, grand juries convened, trials conducted, justice done, and the false sense of security goes on.

Do any of us feel safe, even in our own homes?

Uncivilized people are moving within our civilized society. The majority of these people resist the impulse to do harm.

But far too many take action to right the perceived wrongs they feel have been done against them.

As a result of that perceived wrong, — nine people are dead.

Their friends and families frantically search for an answer to an unanswerable question — “Why?”

The rest of us are also asking an unanswerable question —“When and Where?” “When and where will it happen again?” Because even in a civilized society we know it will.

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