I say the people who listen to Dominick In The Morning on AM1450 KMMS have better looking dogs than the people who listen to 95.1 FM The Moose. I need you to help me prove it. Plus, you might win some great stuff. I think the prize is worth over $2,000.

This is what I need you to do: take a picture of your dog, go to our website KMMSAM.com and look for the Best Dog link then upload your picture.

If you having trouble uploading, call your kid, or grandson, or anyone under 30 and tell him to do it.That's it. You are now enrolled in the Third Annual Bozeman's Best Dog contest.

You only have till September 7th to do this. Hurry, those hippies from the Moose are very fast. Just remember we can't let a bunch of music listeners beat us. News talk radio listeners, especially those who listen to AM 1450 KMMS and Dominick In The Morning, are smarter, sexier, and have better looking dogs then people who listen to that rock and roll crap.

We have to win so enter now!


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