The Montana Department of Revenue is seeking volunteers to help conduct required alcohol Server training courses throughout the state. Alcohol education coordinator Lisa Scates, says there are already 200 volunteer trainers, but they can use more.

"We rely very heavily on volunteer trainers to teach this curriculum across the state for us." Scates said. "Every year we do a recruitment, and we have a recruitment currently going on until March 31. Trainers will actually go out to teach this curriculum to bartenders, servers, sellers, and clerks all across Montana."

Scates says more than half of the volunteers work with law enforcement or in the health prevention field, another large group includes liquor license owners and employees. Signing up for the courses can be done online and the class is free.

Although the training is free, volunteer trainers that complete the program can charge up to fifteen dollars per person for those that choose to take their classes. The class to become a volunteer trainer will be held in Missoula on August thirteenth, but the deadline for submitting an application is March 31.