As the Bozeman boom continues and folks from larger cities around the country flock here, more opportunities will follow. It was recently announced that Bozeman will be home to the first Whole Foods Market in the state.

While larger companies will find Bozeman more appealing due to its growth, the city is still lacking in a lot of ways. There are still many conveniences of larger cities that still can’t be found in Bozeman.

Recently, on the Bozeman Reddit Page, u/SomeLateNightSugar asked;

What’s something you wish Bozeman had readily available?

The question received a lot of responses from Bozeman area residents that I think we all can relate to.

The first response was affordable housing. This is definitely something that Bozeman needs as the dream of home ownership has become increasingly difficult to attain for many hopeful home buyers.

The second response was a legitimate western bar. This would be another great addition to Bozeman. A few bars have western themed nights, but there isn’t a legitimate western bar in the Bozeman area. We need a bar with a big dance floor that’s a dedicated country bar. I think it would be a great fit in Bozeman.

Many Reddit users agreed that Bozeman needs a good BBQ restaurant. If you’ve ever had BBQ in places like Kansas City or Memphis, you’d most likely agree that Bozeman is lacking in the BBQ department. In addition to a good BBQ place, it would be great to have a quality Chinese restaurant in the area. If you have a good recommendation, please let me know.

We think Bozeman needs more activities for people that have kids, like arcades and other fun activities. Maybe an indoor GoKart track?

As Bozeman adapts to growth and change, the list of things that Bozeman needs will get longer as well. What are some things that you wish were readily available in Bozeman? Feel free to send us your thoughts on the MY 103.5 App.

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