There is much dispute in the United States whether or not corporations are people. I will leave the answer to that question for another time.

Maybe during your life you had a favorite car and you gave it a name. Blues great B.B. King called his prize guitar Lucille.

We give life to many animate and inanimate things. And in our own minds we give them human status.

Pets Are Human

For most pet owners, pets are family members. For many people, the loss of a pet is often as painful as the loss of a human loved one.

I have never thought of myself as a pet owner. I would rather label myself a pet guardian.

When they hurt — I hurt.

I Wish I Could Explain Things

Even young children are able to understand medical problems that befall them.

They're usually able to understand that a surgery or treatment might be painful but necessary.

An animal looks to you for love and affection. They don’t understand why painful things are being done to them.

They wonder why you’re allowing them to experience pain and suffering. What did they do wrong?

It’s pretty heartbreaking to authorize something for your animal's own good but that doesn’t diminish the guilt when you hand the leash over to a stranger and get that “Aren’t you coming with me?” look.

Dollars and Sense

Medical pet care can be just as expensive as some human care. But while the decisions can be life and death in both instances there is usually a dollar amount the budget will not allow for your four-footed family member.

Medical insurance covers humans. While some forms of pet insurance are available it doesn’t cover everything.

The heart makes a decision that the wallet just won’t allow and the end needs to come to prevent further suffering.

Some Final Thoughts

I’ve had dogs and cats all my life. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve had to say goodbye to. It’s always painful because they are members of the family.

Nevertheless the love and fun they bring makes it all worthwhile.

All our dogs are pound puppies, given up by others.

If you adopt an animal you need to realize that you accept that animal regardless. It might eat your best shoes or destroy your furniture.

But it will still love you. And they deserve yours in return.

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