The ABC FOX Montana News headline reads:

I grabbed the story and talked about it on my show Dominick In The Morning. I played an interview with Brian Wilcox who is a member of NASA’s Planetary Defense Task Force. Their main goal is to look at ways to protect Earth from asteroids, comets and aliens. No joke, we have an organization like that in the United States.

Wilcox said that he learned of a threat much worse than an asteroids, etc. The Planetary Defense Task Force sees Earth's greatest threat being Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano.

Wilcox is quoted in the ABC Fox Montana the eruption "would cause an extended winter, where the sky is dark and nothing grows because there's no light to grow food."

We have 20 known supervolcanoes on Earth, and once every 100,000 years we can expect a major eruption.

Wilcox explained how we could stop the end of the world. It sounded like a good idea. All we humans have to do is dig holes all around the supervolcanoe and vent the heat.

He said it would either work or it might cause the supervolcano to blow.

One of my callers said he thought it would be cool to see it erupt. Of course he would die, but it would be a great last thing to see.

We may only have a few thousand years to fix the problem, so NASA’s Planetary Defense Task Force. We better start working fast.


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