A Montana high school student has been granted a restraining order. The order is against a fellow student who he says threatened him and slapped him in the face.
The order says the bully must stay 1,500 feet away from Big Sky High School in Missoula and prohibited him from possessing firearms.

The student's request for the restraining order from the bully a day after the school shooting in Florida. The bully also yelled in front of a classroom that "it would take the whole (expletive) Army to stop me when I shoot up the school."

The teacher sent the bully to the school's office. The school said they had a threat assessment committee after hearing about the threat. After the meeting the bully was allowed to return to class.

The next day, the student who got the restraining order said the bully slapped him for refusing  to give up a granola bar. The student who was bullied said he would not attend classes "while feeling threatened in a hostile education environment,"

The temporary restraining order will last until April 23.
After learning about the alleged assault, the school district re-opened the threat evaluation of the student.

So is your kid being bullied, get a lawyer, go to court and get a restraining order. Let the government and judges solve all your problems.



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