If you love classic Hollywood films, this needs to be put on your radar if you live in Montana. 

One thing that I remember my brother and I used to do constantly with my dad other than play sports was watching classic Westerns on the AMC channel on the weekends. My dad was a massive fan of classic cinema and especially loved the old-school black and white films. 

One of the classic actors of that time was Errol Flynn. Flynn was born in Australia but gained Hollywood notoriety with films of Captain Blood(which was shown a bit in the classic Speilberg film The Goonies) and The Adventures of Robin Hood. My dad loved Errol Flynn's films. One of his favorites was a film called They Died With Their Boots On

They Died With Their Boots On came out in 1941 and is a highly fictionalized account of the famous General George Custer. The film tells the story of his life, and it all leads up to him losing and dying at the famous Battle of Little Bighorn right here in Montana. 

If you don't know The Battle of Little Bighorn is also commonly called Custer's Last Stand. The memorial of the battle is just south of Hardin and is one of the most underrated memorials that most folks don't know about but is a huge part of U.S. military and Native American history. 

If you have HBO Max, you can watch They Died With Their Boots On on that streaming service. After that, make plans to visit Little Bighorn Memorial Battlefield in the summer and learn an integral part of Montana history. 

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