In my Hollywood days as an actor, a friend told me he just made a movie where his tongue gets stuck to a flag pole.

What? Yeah, it's winter and I lick a flag pole.

My friend Scott is now famous as the kid from A Christmas Story who licks a flag pole. People love that movie. I don't understand why. For me it's always been Mr. Magoo's a Christmas Carol.

But A Christmas Story won't die. Every year it seems to get even more popular. Today I just heard a live made-for-TV version of A Christmas Story is being made. It will be a musical.

Matthew Broderick will narrate. According the the press release, “the beloved holiday classic”... I had no idea it was '”beloved.” Broderick will be a grown-up Ralphie in this A Christmas Story musical.

The only thing good about the movie was my friend Scott's performance. I love Christmas, and this year in Montana I am hoping to have a real great white Christmas. But a Musical A Christmas Story might be too much for me.

If you like movies about Santa, BB guns, rotten parents and dumb jokes, plus now musical numbers, enjoy A Christmas Story.



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