19 year-old Justin Wieder is back in the Missoula County Jail after violating court orders forbidding him to have contact with a minor girl in a relationship that began in 2016 when he was first charged with sexual intercourse without consent.

At that time, Justice of the Peace Karen Orzech wanted to hold Wieder on $10,000 bail, however, the county attorney's office only requested bail of $2,000, saying the incident fell short of being felony sexual intercourse without consent. In August of 2016, Wieder was arrested again and charged with sexual assault from incidents that occurred with 12 and 13 year-old girls in 2015.

A $200,000 arrest warrant was issued for Wieder on Thursday. Court records indicate that the Lolo man used his cell phone to film 16 year-old Jane Doe having sex with other men. It is illegal to film a minor having sex.

He was arrested, jailed and appeared in Justice Court on Friday before Judge Landee Holloway. Deputy County Attorney Jennifer Clark related Wieder's history before the judge.

"He is currently on release for two cases in Missoula District Court," Clark began. One has three victims who are underage girls for both sexual intercourse without consent and for sexual abuse of children. Then, there was a case after that one that happened and he was told not to have sexual intercourse with anyone under 16, where he was charged with another count of sexual intercourse without consent.

Clark went on to detail the current charges.

"He has been revoked twice on his release prior for having contact with the victims in those cases," she continued. "One of those that he had prior contact with and was revoked is the same in this case in violation of the conditions of his release. This new case arose out of that contact. We've learned that he has had contact with that victim as late as this June. Based on those continuing violations and continuing criminal acts, we ask that bail bet set at $200,000."

Judge Holloway continued the amount of the arrest warrant at $200,000, and ordered Wieder, again, to have no contact with the victim, who is now 16.

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