Last time we checked out an upcoming RM Auction, we focused on 10 sweet rides that all were 1960s models. This time, we move things up a decade, and we haven't lost an iota of quality or beauty.

Now, maybe we're just dreaming here. Thesecars are all gonna be pretty damn expensive, we know. There's even a Lamborghini Miura on the block this time around -- we've looked at Miuras before around here and, yes, they are pricey. But hey, this is America, right? Dreaming is what we do.

And even if you don't actually feel like dropping your life savings on a set of wheels, even a set of wheels as gorgeous as a 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS, merely attending this auction sounds like a helluva trip. It's on Amelia Island, Florida, which looks very, very pretty. Not a bad place to spend a weekend in March:

Amelia Island, Florida
RM Auctions 


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