HOUR ONE: Guest Roger Koopman, Public Service Commission. During this hour we covered the lawsuit Koopman filed against the Bozeman City Commission for alleged illegal campaign practices regarding the Bozeman Public Service Bond Issue during this year’s midterm election.

HOUR TWO: Real ID is finally happening in Montana this January. It’s not required that you have a Real ID but if you want to fly or enter a federal building you will need either a real ID or a passport. Tom and Shane review the procedures for procuring a Real ID. Tom and Shane also spent some time on newly elected New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. We discussed here financial disclosure form since she has revealed that she may not be able to afford and apartment in Washington, DC.

HOUR THREE: Tom mentioned his blog where only one in three people in the US can pass a Citizenship Test. Shane gave the weekly market wrap up and the two discussed how the markets are confused about trade, interest rates, and any possible fallout from the recent midterm elections. We finished off the hour with Amazon finally picking New York as there new headquarters and many were upset at the amount of tax breaks New York give up to get the final decision.

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