To Vote or Not to Vote; That Is The Question!

My apologies to William Shakespeare for my alteration, of arguably, his most famous literary quote. Tomorrow is June 5th, primary day in Montana, along with California, North and South Dakota, New Jersey and New Mexico.

According to news sources, Mitt Romney has secured enough delegates to be the Republican Presidential Nominee. The question becomes, will that information alone, cause voters that would have turned out, to stay home?

Amazing Races

Although the presidential race sucks most of the oxygen out of the newsroom, there are still many important races that will affect all Montanans. The most notable would have to be the race for Montana Governor to replace the term limited current governor. There are 2 democrats and 7 republicans vying for the state leadership job.

In addition, seven democrats want to be the next Congressional Representative while two republicans are challenging.

Turnout: Low or No

It amazes me the numbers of people who take the time to register to vote, but for some reason don’t show up for primary or general elections. We cheer the people in the Middle East that show up to vote when their very lives are at stake. They are clearly targeted, by their “inked” fingers, long after their voting is completed.

We get an “I Voted” sticker to show that we exercised our constitutional franchise. The chances of you, or your family, being killed for voting is pretty remote. The worst you might get is a dirty look from someone from the opposing party.

I have always felt that being born an American is the equivalent of winning “life’s lottery.” We who live here are so fortunate and have so many freedoms but for some reason we take these freedoms for granted. Unfortunately, many voters feel their vote is meaningless or worthless. Others feel that whoever spends the most will win although there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Issues, not money, decide elections.

The Ball Is In Your Court

Only you can decide the direction of our state and country with your vote. It’s not just your duty; it’s your responsibility, to study the candidates and their positions on the issues that affect your future. Don’t let your family, your neighbors or Montanans down. Vote on Tuesday.