A Global Cyberattack?
Over the weekend nearly 150 countries and over 300,000 computers were hit with various kinds of cyberattacks on computer systems large and small.
Where Did The Wealth Go?
Some people believe there's a finite amount of money in the US. If someone makes a dollar someone else has to lose a dollar. Obviously that’s not the case.
What Is a Monopoly?
Parker Brothers began marketing the popular board game, “Monopoly” way back in 1935 but monopolies have been with us much longer.
U.S. Companies Ducking Upwards Of Billions In Taxes, And It’s Legal!
You hear talk of our 14 trillion dollar deficit in America being thrown around as if we are doing something completely wrong as a country. But when most of our money rests in the uber-wealthy, it's hard to not put the blame on the Googles and Microsofts of the country isn't it? They ask for tax cuts…